Jantar 2

aparat alarmowo rozgłoszeniowy Jantar 2

JANTAR 2 is a robust industrial telephone and signalling device, designed to work in harsh environment. High durability, waterproof body and intrinsic safety certificates makes it excelent choice for coal mines, refineries, and any other area with high concentration of flammable gases or dust. Numerous features and functions increase workers safety and makes everyday work easier.

JANTAR 2 telephones can be connected to dispatch systems via intrinsically safe separators, no additional power supply required. Full functionality including remote managment, is available when used with HETMAN alarm-signal dispatch system.


  • waterproof, stainless steel body

  • illuminated, high contrast LCD display

  • illuminated keypad, designed to be used with gloves (up to 10 000 000 cycles)

  • ALARM button

  • 6 quick-call buttons

  • 2 loudspeakers for alarms and announcements

  • 3-color light beacon, indicating current status and making telephone easier to find in darkness

  • robust handset with noise cancelling and armored cord

  • magnetic hook-switch with no moving parts

  • Calling Line Identification Presentation(CLIP)

  • handsfree mode

  • listen mode (auto-answered handsfree call, allowing dispatch to listen sounds around telephone)

  • auto clock sync

  • available for dispatch in any state: during other calls or off-hook

  • remote software update and configuration

  • waterproof, and easy accessible connection box

  • powered via 48V telephone line

  • internal battery

  • automatic fault detection

Technical Specification:

  • Dimensions: 350 x 170 x 100 mm

  • Casing material: stainless steel

  • weight: 4,7 kg

  • IP rating: IP67

  • temperature range: -20°C to +50°C

  • Intrinsic safety: I M1 Ex ia I

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